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SCENTED SACHETHow to use scented sachet?
Dahlia scented sachet

How to use scented sachet?

From Ancient China to the medieval Europe and even in this digitized world, scented sachets have long been an object that carries a range of uses in various contexts. In the Qing Dynasty, scented sachets were favored by women as a token to express their love, reflected through aromatic fragrance and intricate embroidery. Meanwhile, in the 15th-century Europe, social elites carried fragrant pouches around to keep their garments perfumed. These traditional fragrant ornaments have witnessed a thousand years of history in cultures across the world. Today, scented sachets are still widely used for many purposes, and we will be sharing a few ideas for you to spread freshness all around with your scented sachet!

First, let’s make sure we understand what a scented sachet is. A scented sachet in its truest form is a small fabric pouch filled with a mixture of perfumed dried flowers – aka potpourri – or spices, herbs, and botanical parts. Depending on creativity, scented sachets come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and most importantly, a wide selection of fragrances to choose from.

There are many ways that you can spread freshness and add a little spark to the décor with a fragrant sachet. Here’s how you can use your scented sachets:

Hang it in your closet to keep clothes smelling nice.

Due to the lack of air ventilation and humidity, closets often have musty smell which lingers on your clothes and create a bad impression wherever you go. One of the ways to get rid of this nasty odor is to hang a scented sachet in your closet to fill the clothes with your favorite fragrance and make sure you impress every passerby with an inviting smell!

Keep it in your bathroom and enjoy the pleasant sight and smell.

A stinky bathroom is definitely a common household nuisance, and it gets even worse when you have guests over! But what if you can create a bathroom that smells so nice that it becomes a peaceful, spa-like escape whenever you take a shower or get ready before going to work. One way is of course to regularly and thoroughly clean your bathroom. But the easier way is to simply slip a scented sachet in your bathroom. Place it behind the toilet, hang it on the wall, or anywhere you want to freshen up the bathroom experience for your personal enjoyment as well as your guests’ (but make sure it’s away from water splashes!).

Charlotte scented sachet
Charlotte scented sachet in Pink Daisy

Dahlia scented sachet
Dahlia 002 scented sachet in pearly white

Peony scented sachet
Peony scented sachet in baby blue
Put it in your car to make any journey a little more joyful.

Whether you are taking a short drive to work or a long road trip with family and friends, a great journey can never be completed without your favorite playlist and of course, a car air freshener! Slip a scented sachet in the pocket on the back of your seat or car door pocket.  

There are also a few cautions that you should be aware of before putting that scented sachet to good use. Certain surfaces such as wood and plastic should not be directly contacted with the sachet to avoid the surface being damaged by fragrance oil. You should also keep the sachet away from sunlight to ensure the smell last longer. And most importantly, never expose the sachet to flames!     

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